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Buyers Advocacy


What does a Buyers Advocate do? ▼

A buyer’s advocate represents you throughout the buying process. Purchasing a property can be a strenuous task often full of disappointments and surprises. Hand McPhee guides you through this process and takes the hard work out of finding the right property and negotiating the lowest price.

We do this by:

  • Taking a detailed brief of your needs. We ask and research all the hard questions on your behalf.

  • Conduct a thorough search for the best properties on the market – including those that are not advertised.

  • Undertake a thorough due diligence check on your chosen property. This includes estimating its true market value, current and future growth and property development potential.

  • Negotiating the asking price with the agent or owner. If required, we bid at auction on your behalf and can do so anonymously if you so wish.

  • Assisting with your sourcing of finance and introducing you to tax consultants, financial advisers and mortgage brokers.

  • Managing all your after sales follow up including providing advice on removalists, property insurance, property management for investors, tradespeople, building, pest inspectors and structural engineers.

  • Assisting with legal work by conducting property searches and organising conveyancers.
Why use a Buyers Advocate? ▼
  1. We work for you
    Buying property is a complex and major transaction. Whether it’s your home or an investment property. A buyer’s advocate works for you by sourcing the right property and conducting thorough due diligence at all stages in the process. The partners at Hand McPhee are knowledgeable, experienced and will take you through a methodical and successful approach to buying your property. Using a buyer’s advocate ensures your individual circumstances are addressed and the property is considered from every angle.

  2. We save you time
    Research indicates that an average buyer spends 50 – 80 hours inspecting properties (that are often unsuitable), following up agents, arranging building inspections and being frustrated by misquoted prices. Hand McPhee does all this legwork for you. We only show you a short list of the very best properties the market has to offer and streamline the buying process for you.

  3. We provide you with expert advice
    Is that property really right for me? Will it prove a good investment? Will I be able to get a decent rental return?
    During the last 30 years, Peter Hand and Gerry McPhee have seen the subtle differences that can make a success or failure out of a property purchase. Property acquisition needs to stand up as a sound investment and lifestyle choice. Your investment needs to provide capital growth and good rental return. To achieve this you need to ensure you buy the right property, in the right area, for the right price. Hand McPhee answers these questions and provides you with a positive outcome.

  4. We negotiate on your behalf with real estate agents
    A real estate agent’s job is to sell you a property for the highest possible price. High-pressure sales techniques can be overwhelming for many purchasers. Hand McPhee acts as an intermediary for you. We know what questions to ask to obtain the complete set of facts. Agents know that Peter Hand and Gerry McPhee have in-depth understanding of their industry, which enables them to negotiate with transparency and independence. Hand McPhee works for you, giving you peace of mind that your transaction is completed with independent, experienced representation and objective advice.

  5. We bid for you at auction and negotiate on your property
    Whether you have no negotiation experience or negotiate every day for a living, negotiating for your own property is very different. Bidding at auction can also be a daunting task and often requires specialist knowledge and skill. Peter Hand and Gerry McPhee have attended thousands of auctions and have successfully completed over 1000 property transactions. Hand McPhee acts on your behalf, giving you the best possible chance of securing the property for the right price.

  6. We provide you with an independent appraisal
    What is the property really worth? Am I paying too much?
    There is always doubt about advertised selling prices. Without knowing what the property is really worth you can’t begin to negotiate on a price. Hand McPhee appraises the property, using due diligence and appraisal methods, to assess its current market value. Using our independent appraisal gives you the confidence and the knowledge to successfully negotiate the right price.

  7. We can introduce you to the “ hidden gems”
    I can’t find the property that’s right for me. They seem to be snapped up so quickly.
    Many of the best properties sold are not even advertised. Hand McPhee knows which ones you don’t want to miss. Through our extensive network of real estate agents, we are often given access to these properties before they hit the market. In fact, about one in four of the properties that we purchase are never advertised.

  8. We maintain your anonymity
    I don’t want to be seen buying this property. I need to remain anonymous.
    Being anonymous can often put you in a stronger negotiating position. Whether you are in the public eye or simply want to buy the neighbouring property, Hand McPhee works confidentially on your behalf.
Who uses a Buyers Advocate? ▼

Overseas and interstate investors
You may live interstate or overseas and want to buy into the buoyant Sydney market. No problem. Hand McPhee’s systems and processes are the same whether you live around the corner or 1.000 km away – we use the latest technology to communicate effectively with you throughout the entire transaction.

Home buyers
Whether you have a growing family and need to upgrade, want a change of style or are an ‘empty nester’, Hand McPhee will help you secure a home that’s right for your specific needs and circumstances.

Residential investors
Hand McPhee are experienced property managers and buyer’s advocates and know what makes a good investment property. Hand McPhee will research the market, apply due diligence and even conduct a rental assessment of the property before negotiating to buy at the best possible price.

Commercial investors
Hand McPhee has extensive experience in sourcing and buying successful commercial properties to suit your needs.

Business owners
Is your business expanding? No longer want to pay rent? Then it may be time to buy your own premises. Hand McPhee searches for the right property for you by tapping into our extensive network of commercial estate agents.

What does a Buyers Advocate cost? ▼

There are two services we offer.

A. Buy only service

If you’ve found your desired property and want Hand McPhee to negotiate and purchase it on your behalf, then this is the service for you.
Our fee is 1.1% (GST inclusive) of the purchase price.

B. Search and buy service

If you want Hand McPhee to find, investigate and buy your desired property, then this is the service for you.
Our fee is 2.2% (GST included) of the purchase price.

For both services a non-refundable retainer of $1,100 (GST included) is payable on appointment to act and is offset against the total fee.

Investors note: Buyer’s advocacy fees are tax deductible for investment purchases.